"The Best Snacks" project

I am a snacks lover. I love cookie, biscotti, nougat, chocolate, nuts, green tea cake, mango smoothie, yogurt, ice cream... yes, anything that is sweet. But I'm always terribly indecisive when doing snacks shopping, especially when I first came to US (the only American snack I knew then was OREO cookie). I could spend hours trying to look at every single snack on every shelf at Safeway before I exhaustedly go to checkout. And the worst thing is: the snacks I end up buying taste nasty! After several horrible snacking experiences, I decided to resolve my snacking crisis with friends who are also big snacks lovers. is a simple app to share your snacking experience with other snack lovers. Next time when you are hesitating about what snacks to buy, get inspiration from your community. Once you have tried a new snack, take a picture and rate it good or bad. helps you get aware of what snacks to avoid and never miss a must-try.


We started our observation by walking into supermarkets and snack stores as general guests, and spent hours there observing customers. I randomly interviewed some customers and chose "your last snacking experience" as my starting point to dig deeper into their needs. I also spent a few weeks inviting 20+ friends for a snack chat and sketched out personas based on keywords from our conversation.


Problem statement: Sophia a college girl, disgusted by nasty and unhealthy snacks, needs some refreshing snacking experience to reduce stress while still keeping a balanced diet.

The pleasure of snacking comes from not only the food itself, but the process of sharing your joy with friends. How might we create a community for snack lovers to share their likes and dislikes, so as to create an exceptional snacking experience?

Ideate and Prototype

Comming soon!

This is an on-going project so please check back later!