Face the Music

Art of Design for Interactive Computer Music

During the autumn quarter in 2016 at Stanford, I took MUSIC256A(CS476A): Art of Design for Computer Music. It's never fun to code in C++ but I enjoyed the exploration of interesting, sometimes weird ways to interact with music. I've learned JUCE, OpenFrameworks, Javascript to prototype those ideas.

I played violin for 7 years. It was my first time to learn computer-generated music. I've built a desktop app that translates your facial expressions to spatial sounds, or an iOS app that allows you to create a Christmas song together with other users who might be in the other side of the world.

Face the Music

Shake your head, open your mouth, and press a key to generate an alien song!


We wish you a Merry Christmas!


Create spacial tone by interacting with bubbles!

FM synthesizer

First try with JUCE!