Let's raise $100B+ for high impact nonprofits!

In 2016, our team was lucky enough to be selected to take the Stanford Lean Launchpad with Steve Blank. It was a mind-blowing experience for me to learn lean startup methodology in such an intense ten-week class. I worked as a designer with students from GSB, law school, and computer science department.

FreeWill is a social venture aiming to bring millions of dollars to nonprofits through planned giving, while providing critical legal services to people for free. Simply put it, we provide free & intuitive online tools to create legal wills. These tools have behavioral nudges to prompt charitable giving. Nonprofits pay us for donations (bequests) generated.

The Lean Launchpad Journey

We came up with hypotheses each week, and after 121 interviews with various stakeholders, here are some key learnings.

If you're interested in details, feel free to check out our final presentation.


The Team

James Rathmell, Maggie Xu, Mohana Moorthy, Jenny Xia, Patrick Schmitt